Our main boat consists of a OCEANIC ZODIAC, 8.30 m long, endowed with a rigid hull and pushed by a brand new and powerful YAMAHA 250 4T outboard engine, a combination that is in fact one of our pride for what concerning the efficacy in navigation.

In fact, thanks to it we can guarantee the excursions into the sea almost regardless of weather and sea conditions while still maintaining as priority a high safety margin.

On board, everything is perfectly organized according to the needs of the divers and crew, with optimized spaces able to accommodate up to 12 divers with their equipment. The space and the number of divers aboard in any case is usually handled at the best by staff in order to give priority to their comfort also according to the type of dive planned.

Some special features consist of the rearward driver’s console which leaves space to some extremely robust tank-holders in the middle and in the front area, while the exclusive side ladder has been designed on purpose in order to allow the water egression also for divers wearing a double tank on their back, minimizing in this way the complicated pre/post-dive surface operations especially under strongly adverse conditions of sea and current.

Among many other onboard equipments stand out echosounder and GPS which allow us to navigate and “read” the bottom with a good level of precision, while in the stern area is well placed also a robust and functional decompressive station, irreplaceable in certain circumstances.

Inevitable of course the complete kit for the O2 administration provided by DAN and everything needed for an effective first aid, fortunately still intact but always ready to be used!